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Patient Centric Care

At H3C, we know your Hospital, ACO or clinic is most concerned with the patient’s health and recovery. With our patient-centric care solutions including Chronic Care Management, we help you make the shift to value-based care and measurably improve outcomes.

Continuum of Care

Bridge the gap between in-patient care and outpatient care with solutions that assist with communication and follow-up.


Our innovative solutions help to monitor and communicate with your patients to ensure quality care, reduce readmissions and better outcomes.


Patient-centric care, focuses on the health of the patient, not the number of patients seen. We support your clinic so you can stay focused on healthy results.


Whether you need to coordinate with other health care providers, the patient or the patient’s caregivers, we design a plan that makes coordinated care simple.

nurse explaining Chronic Care Management options to patients

Patient Centric Solutions

Our clinically certified team specializes in reaching out to your patients to make sure they continue to receive attention and care after they’ve left your clinic.

Enhance your in-house services by utilizing H3C’s consulting specialists. Our expert consultants will identify key improvement areas and help you develop actionable plans.

H3C's innovative patient-centric solution suite provides real-time monitoring and care coordination. Identifying issues with care that lead to better outcomes and lower costs.
Patient Centric Care Starts With

Chronic Care Management

Have patients with multiple chronic conditions? We can help you manage, communicate with and be
reimbursed for treating these patients under Code 99490 with our Chronic Care Management services.

Making a difference

At H3C, we are committed to the 3 Cs:


Our team is dedicated to helping clinics deliver outstanding service to their patients and improve patient outcomes. With our technology, remote monitoring and consulting services, we strive to improve the lives of the patient population and the quality of the healthcare industry as a whole.

H3C Mission: We will provide innovative remote in-home monitoring and care coordination solutions that improve the quality of care and lower medical costs for individuals with chronic severe illnesses and for seniors living independently.