Our Platform

H3C has engineered a comprehensive platform to manage patient engagement services, including CCM, AWV, TCM and all patient contact management.  It is designed to work in conjunction with the client EHR system, enabling H3C to deliver its services securely and efficiently.  The H3C platform features include data and analytics, contact management and applications.


Data integration using an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) that can extract and aggregate multiple data feeds


Analytics to support population health strategies and tracking, with the capability to segment patients into specific cohorts for use in your population health strategies, including risk stratification, financial analytics, care management and patient engagement.


Detailed reporting and dashboards.  Dashboards are integrated with Care Coordination and can be customized to fit a specific provider or care team needs.

Contact Management
  • Complete contact management for all calls, emails, texts, and other communications
  • Can perform outbound, inbound, warm call transfers
  • Able to assign local numbers and IDs by provider
  • Intelligent routing, getting the right call to the right person
  • Complete logging of all activity and call recording
  • A complete CCM application solution, using a CHPL 2015 platform ‘front-end’ that is optimized for the CCM workflow.
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant, secure, fully redundant and scalable
  • Evidence-based care plan creation and maintenance
  • Integrated Schmitt-Thompson triage processes
  • Drug-to-Drug and Drug-to-Allergy interaction checker
  • Scheduling
To find out more information on the services that we provide, contact H3C today, we would love to discuss your needs