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Chronic Care Management

Better Patient Health – Better REIMBURSEMENT Rates

CCM was designed to provide comprehensive care management for patients with two or more chronic conditions. This program provides increased patient communication and education between face-to-face visits.

H3C has simplified the approach to improve patient outcomes while increasing your revenue.  Learn More >

The Maria Difference

Our proprietary platform, Maria, is a proactive solution for your patients, and a simple way for you to keep your practice running smoothly day-to-day.  Maria seamlessly manages your CCM program including the monthly patient calls and documentation so that you your quality measures improve and you receive maximum reimbursements.


Simplifying Healthcare

What if your practice could increase patient care, improve patient outcomes, simplify your workload, and increase profits? H3C’s process simplifies your practice’s Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visit programs to do just that!

Patient Needs

Calls are conducted by the same team members every month, creating trust and resulting in learning of any current or possible conditions which your practice may not be aware of.  This provides patients and their family with peace of mind that there is a backup to regular doctors visits.

Simplify Patient Follow-up

Our proprietary system and processes will properly document all communication with the patient and will alert you to which patients need follow-up from a nurse or doctor from your staff.   Simple process, excellent results. 

Supporting Caregivers

Our service provides peace-of-mind for the caregivers, knowing the patient will receive monthly calls that can catch problems before they happen or become critical. We allow them to them to focus on activities with their loved ones, rather than calls to your office…simplifying quality time. 

Making Lives Better

H3C’s simple solution allows you to make patients lives better through regular communication between visits. Patients feel secure, heard, and respected. Caregivers and patient advocates are more up-to-date with the patient’s health, providing peace of mind Staff workload is lightened allowing them to be more focused. Making patient lives better, results in an increase of success and prosperity of your overall practice