Innovative Solutions for
Enhancing Patient Care
Care Management SOLUTIONS
Chronic Care Management

CCM provides care management for patients with two or more chronic conditions. This program provides increased patient communication and education between face-to-face visits. Learn how this program can improve patient outcomes while increasing your revenue.  Learn More >

Annual Wellness Visits

This visit focuses questionnaires and discussions that help provide a holistic view of the patient without a head-to-toe physical exam. During an AWV patients can expect to review medications, personal goals, and treatment plans for the upcoming year.  Learn More >

Patient Calling Services

Our Patient calling services can take the burden off of your team and improve patient engagement and outcomes.  Learn more how H3C can support your providers and patients.

Why H3C?
  • Dedicated Clinically Licensed Staff
  • Evidence-Based Treatment Plans & Triage Processes
  • Holistic Patient Assessments
  • Patient Stratification & Population Analysis
  • Identification of Additional Reimbursement Opportunities
Our Approach

At H3C, we understand that patient care is your top priority. We also understand that communication gaps and lack of actionable plans to provide a continuum of care can impact your patients, your bottom line and your office as a whole.

Let us work with you to develop a solution that will lead to impactful outcome-based services that exceed best practices for your patients.

Real Customers Real Impact
Decrease ER Visits

“I see them in a point in time, basically. I see them and then I won’t see them again for six months and I have no idea what’s going on for them for the next six months”

“This is a way to try to decrease the number of ER visits, decrease the number of hospitalizations, so that we can be proactive about their health earlier than when they end up in the ER”

“It’s a safety net that our patients like”

Dan McGowan, MD – Physician Clinic Owner

Letting Staff Focus on Their Jobs

“I feel it’s pretty easy for our office”

“It has cut down on nurses having to take so many phone calls, when patients call in they think everything is urgent. Now my staff can focus on their job”

“The process is really easy for the patients”

“I would say it’s a great benefit”

Tiff Wood – Practice Manager

Partner With H3C for a Fresh Approach on Patient Care