Who We Are

We are an innovative healthcare solutions company providing exceptional patient-centered care alongside industry-leading software. Our goal is to facilitate earlier interventions, encourage compliance with medical regiments, support lifestyle improvements and reduce the number of hospitalizations, complications and unnecessary clinic and ER visits.

Our Prescription for Success

Our environment provides the opportunity to combine care and technology, which allows you to have a significant impact on a patient’s well-being while utilizing contemporary tools to provide patient-centered care. Our cutting edge technology paired with traditional concern for the patient gives the H3C team a unique and fulfilling path to provide high-quality, high-value healthcare.

At H3C, our employees benefit from an environment that offers:

  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Modern work environment
  • Work-life balance and flexibility
  • Cutting-edge training
  • Tight-knit team
  • Professional Development

Our Care Team’s core values

At H3C, we live and work towards our core values every day to help maintain high expectations for our team members.
Do you share our same values? If so, you may be a great addition to our team!
A unified effort toward personal growth and company progress.
Continuously striving to meet each of our patients needs by identifying their concerns and committing to help reach their goals.
The ability to instinctively identify patient issues or concerns and the drive to help our patients live the best life possible.
Expressing concern and understanding for each patient not only in regard to their health but also on a personal level.
Luke, CNA
Care Coordinator

I enjoy working here because of the relationships with the patients and fellow employees that I’ve been able to build.

Erin, CNA
Training Development Specialist

I love my position here because it’s really marrying two things that I love which is healthcare and teaching people!

Cari, CNA
Care Coordinator

Sometimes you may be the only person the patient speaks to that day. You get to become someone they can depend on and someone they know will listen to their needs and concerns and hopefully be able to help with them

Sierra, CNA
Care Coordinator

I love the flexibility and family orientated feel here. Everyone is very respectful and caring!

Michael, CNA
Care Coordination Specialist

When I go home at the end of the day and know that I made even just a minor impact it makes me feel very warm inside.

Ellen, RN, BSN
Patient Care Manager

I like to work here because as a nurse I still get to make a difference in my patients’ lives. Even though it’s not your standard bedside nursing, at H3C we’re able to combine technology and nursing concepts together.  H3C gives me the tools I need to help my patients even though we can be several hours or states apart.

Is this what your doctor ordered?