COVID-19 Telehealth

H3C is a Nebraska-based telehealth company with 5 years of experience providing remote care management to help healthcare organizations manage their patients. We have a HIPAA-compliant care management system and staffed clinical services that take and make patient calls, provide information, conduct assessments, triage and escalate interactions, schedule appointments into their physicians, as well as coordinate other community services. H3C can be the glue between private and public health sectors in dealing with COVID-19.

How we Help:

Best Practices Report:

H3C just published a report on Best Practices in Telehealth as it relates to COVID-19.  This report discusses current COVID-19 triage and case management issues needed to reduce the spread and prevent bottlenecks in service delivery as it pertains to our services.  To maximize your resources, H3C can offer its services to bridge the pathway between the your healthcare delivery team whether in hospital or clinics and the patient.

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SErvices Presentation: 

H3C has been offering telehealth services with hospitals and clinics for over 5 years. Taking inbound calls from a hotline, answering questions, and arranging for testing or transportation is very similar to our current operations for Medicare CCM compliance.  Placing outbound calls and logging results in an EMR systems whether it be to those in self-quarantine or on another watch list is exactly what we do only with a different script based on your COVID-19 protocols.

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cOVID-19 Support Telehealth Services
What We Do For You: 
  • Be the conduit between the providers and the state to make sure that there is seamless testing, reporting and follow up
  • Work in collaboration with health care providers, state agencies to relieve service bottlenecks, facilitate screenings and coordinate proper follow up to reduce the spread of illness
  • Communicate information with healthcare provider’s electronic medical records providing an integrated healthcare record for seamless patient care.

The initial Wave of Infection

First call resolution is an accepted metric for customer service in a contact center. H3C can immediately provide support to handle the surge from COVID-19 patient calls with a goal of First Call Resolution. The result will be to drastically reduce the amount of inefficient ‘boomerang’ calling taking place.

  • Take calls from concerned citizens that are currently flooding healthcare offices and switchboards
  • Screen for COVID-19 using the assessments currently being developed
  • Screened calls can forward to provider for scheduling
  • At direction of provider, schedule testing and clinic visits, coordinate with labs and third parties
Follow-up after the initial Surge

H3C can provide monitoring and follow up to relieve strain on provider staff and communicate with patients and providers in a timely way.

  • Proactively contact patients of providers that are in the high-risk category, answer questions and concerns, screen them, and handle scheduling. This would preempt many of those patients from calling, coming to the provider clinic or emergency room, etc.
  • Follow up calls with at risk patients that were discharged, not symptomatic or tested negative
  • Follow up calls with self-quarantined patients
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