Maria Cares


improving quality measures + so much more

Maria, our proprietary platform, provides your patients with more than a monthly phone call. She provides trust, compassion and care. Maria is a proactive solution for your patients, and a simple way for you to keep your practice running smoothly day-to-day, while Maria takes the burden of the monthly patient calls and documentation so that you your quality measures improve and you receive maximum reimbursements.


Maria’s powerful assessment engine creates regularly adapts as your patients need changes. Care plan reviews are automatically generated according to patient risk level. These can be accelerated due to a detected change in the patient’s condition.


Maria utilizes an intelligent evaluation process that adjusts the questions during the patient engagement.  Questions are added and removed, real time, based on the answers to the previous questions. 


When engaging with your patients, the information gathered must be objective and easy to understand.  During the monthly engagement, Maria captures patient data points objectively. This doesn’t require the clinic to interpret notes.


Maria also flags those patients that need direct contact from someone at your office, so you spend time on those that need it, and don’t waste time on minor issues.

nurse explaining Chronic Care Management options to patients

The Maria Difference!

Primary Benefits

Data captured objectively and discretely

⊕ Dynamic patient-centric care plans 

Risk stratification of patients – prioritize patients by risk level

Quality measures incorporated into care lans

Problem Specific Clinical Pathways

⊕ Assessment of vitals, symptoms, care plan compliance, and other problem specific issues

⊕ Automatic triggered interventions and actions

⊕ Goal setting and monitoring

Powerful Assessment Engine

⊕ Evidence-based assessments

⊕ Flexible and dynamic, customized to clinic’s needs

⊕ Question responses adjust subsequent questions or assessments

Powerful CRM with Artificial Intelligence

⊕ Automated notifications and action alerts

⊕ Automated scheduled and triggered care plan reviews

⊕ Presents patients according to priority

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