Improve patient communication and
quality of care leading to better health outcomes 

Patient Engagement Services to manage the Continuum of care:

The landscape of healthcare is constantly evolving which makes Patient Engagement Services so critical. Bridge the gap of communication by proactively reaching out to your patient population with our patient engagement services.

Annual Wellness Visits

Our AWV program is focused on getting patients in for their annual visit. Our clinical team will capture updates, records from other physicians, and perform the health risk assessment to ensure the patient is prepared for their visit.  Learn More >

Patient Calling Services

Proactively reach out to your patients! Our clinical staff can schedule & confirm appointments, follow-up after visits, educate on new programs and more. Learn More about the full scope of our patient outreach services.

Urgent Care S.C.O.R.E.

Do you know your Urgent Care S.C.O.R.E? The Satisfaction of patients, Conversion to PCP, Overview of services, Review of symptoms after visits and Engagement of community? Learn More about how H3C can help you widen your community footprint while increasing your patient satisfaction.