Annual Wellness Visits

What is the Annual Wellness Visit Program?

This is a Medicare-based program that was designed to ensure patients receive one visit each year that takes a holistic view of the patient.

AWV Process

What is an Annual
Wellness Visit?

This is an annual visit offered to Medicare beneficiaries who are not in their first year of Medicare coverage. This visit focuses questionnaires and discussions that help provide a holistic view of the patient without a head-to-toe physical exam. During an AWV patients can expect to review medications, personal goals, and treatment plans for the upcoming year.

Scheduling & Confirmations

Our clinical care teams will use our dialer and technology platform to proactively reach out to patients to engage them in their wellness and to provide the necessary services and documentation required to meet the 20 minutes per month.

Health Risk Assesments

Our clinical team will perform the health risk assessment, medication reconciliation, and any other provider requested assessments prior to the appointment. All results will be made available to the provider directly from H3C.

Preventive Services

Our clinical team will utilize the Medicare Preventive Services Guide to identify eligible preventive services by patient. These services will be flagged in the EMR to ensure maximum services are performed while the patient is attending their AWV.

Benefits of Providing Annual Wellness Visits

Increase Revenue

  • The national reimbursement rate for an AWV is $175.32 for the initial year and $119.16 for subsequent years. This does not include reimbursements for preventive services.

Patient Attribution

  • The AWV and preventive services performed during this visit help guide attribution toward the appropriate primary care physician.
Shared Savings Improvement | A Case Study

We recently reviewed the Annual Wellness Visit performance of a large ACO based in central USA.  The national average, according to Dartmouth, for completion of AWVs by Medicare Beneficiaries is 10.7%. The ACO we reviewed is performing at one of the highest levels in the nation.

They have hired a data analytics and management company to identify eligible patients and have hired many employees with the goal of achieving 95% completion.  In 2017, they achieved completion for 68% of their eligible patients. Unfortunately, they are participating in a shared savings program and the remaining 32% accounted for over 1,500 patients. The patients who did not complete their AWV accounted for twice as much cost as the patients who did complete their AWV.

Meaning the additional technology, management and staff was not enough to achieve their ACO goals. At H3C, we utilize an integrated dialer system that allows our team to reach out to patients in the most efficient manner possible. Each care coordinator can contact up to 200 patients per day for scheduling services, or up to 100 patients per day if performing the health risk assessment. Based on the needs and timelines of the facility we can utilize as many care coordinators as needed meaning we could use one coordinator to complete the calls in the course of a few weeks or we could utilize several care coordinators to complete the 4,690 calls in the course of a few days!

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