Patient Calling Services

Appointment Scheduling

Our team can schedule any appointment type for any list of patients. Save time by allowing us to manage and coordinate all the paperwork needed when you acquire a new patient or have all of your quarterly follow-ups proactively contacted and scheduled. For every appointment we schedule, we will perform a live confirmation call to increase the show rate.

Follow-Up Calling

High-risk patients or patients with outpatient procedures can remain on your mind long after they’ve left the office. Our clinically licensed team at H3C can follow-up with these patients, assess symptoms, and triage if needed. Free up your internal staff by leveraging our follow-up calling services.

Program Enrollment

Offering new programs often utilizes a lot of internal resources to research, create processes, and implement. The last thing on your mind should be getting patients enrolled. Our H3C team can quickly reach out to all eligible patients to educate and empanel them in to your new programs. This is service is great for programs like Medicare’s Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) which requires a significant amount of patient outreach to schedule sessions and confirm attendance.

Patient Satisfaction

How do your patients feel about your services? How do they feel about the physicians, the front desk, the lobby? When was the last time you asked and are these numbers improving? Our team at H3C can assess your patients’ satisfaction level, develop improvement opportunities, and support the implementation of satisfaction improvement efforts.

Is a Communication Gap Affecting Your Patient Care?

Our Team Can You Increase Overall Appointments and Improve Patient Wellness with our Appointment Setting Options