Urgent Care SCORE

How Would You SCORE Your Urgent Care Facility?


How do your patients perceive the services they received from your Urgent Care facility? How often do you review and quantify their satisfaction?

At H3C, we can reach out to patients who’ve recently been seen and assess their perception of your clinic and providers. We can perform general satisfaction reviews or full-scale Lobby to Billing Services reviews.


Does your facility have a family practice section?  What is your conversion rate from urgent care?

We can contact recently seen patients to educate them on the full services of your facility. Many urgent care centers have a family practice side. We can reach out to the full patient base, those recently seen, or focus on building up the patient panel for a specific provider.


Are you following up with the patient to review the services performed?

At H3C, we know that patients often forget what they were told at their visit or have barriers to care that prevent them from achieving treatment compliance. We can reach out to your patients after their visit to review all of the services performed and any potential barriers to care.


Is your staff checking on patients post-visit for concerning symptoms and triaging as necessary?

At H3C, we can contact all recently seen patients and perform a brief triage to ensure that their symptoms are not escalating or exacerbating post-visit. This service helps patients stay out of the ER and instead, return to your facility when appropriate.


Are you engaging patients in their own wellness and encouraging compliance? Do patients know what services they can come to your facility for?

Many urgent care facilities offer preventive services like immunizations and school physicals for sports. Take a look at your patient retention rate for these types of services. If you aren’t achieving a high number of return patients annually, let H3C provide the proactive calling needed to inform patients that you do still provide these services.

H3C connects with 46% of Urgent Care patients on average with 15% conversion to Family Medicine!
Let H3C Improve Your SCORE